Kaity Lima was born and raised in Florida and received her Bachelor’s degree in hospital and event management from The University of Central Florida.

She began working for a veterinary consulting company in 2019 and made the switch to working at Boggy Creek Animal Hospital full-time in 2021, to help with all the little projects needing attention around the hospital.

The “Special Projects Fairyā€¯, seemed fitting (also a subtle nod to all the Office fans). Kaity can be found doing everything from managing new contractors, to taking care of our florals, and helping grow our brand.

“Manny and I are beyond blessed to be on this path together. Being able to collaborate with our team and help them grow in a direction that inspires them, all while caring for sick animals and their concerned owners, is incredible. This industry has been a major change from my past sales and corporate jobs, but I have never been so happy to walk into work every day. Be kind. Make magic. Life is beautiful, baby!”