Debbie Finenco

Debbie has been the kennel manager at Boggy Creek Animal Hospital since 1997. Prior to joining Boggy Creek Animal Hospital, Debbie was a preschool teacher for 10 years. She is not only a mother of three, but also a grandmother and a fur mother to her dogs, horses and birds. In her spare time, she [...]

Lisa Ruscio

Lisa is originally from Indiana and moved to Central Florida when she was very young. She has a passion and interest in, not only domesticated pets, but also reptiles and exotic animals. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is helping the animals and seeing them at all the stages of their life. She shares her [...]

Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel was born and raised in Puerto Rico, eventually moving to Orlando with his family when he was 13 years old. Gabriel always dreamt of working in the veterinary field and went on to obtain his certification as a Veterinary Assistant. Gabe came to Boggy Creek Animal Hospital with eight years of experience and a [...]

Jennifer Stockton

Jennifer has been in the field of veterinary medicine since 2002 working as a veterinary technician and eventually a shift lead. She became part of the Boggy Creek Animal Hospital family in March of 2020 and has been growing and learning with the clinic ever since. When she isn't working, she enjoys spending time with [...]

Yeiranys Ramos

Yeiranys, also known as Yei, was born and raised in Cupey, a small part of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Growing up on a farm, Yei was surrounded by all types of animals, big and small. She credits living in that environment as what inspired her to want to work in the animal field. Even at [...]

Ashley Hoffman

Ashley was born and raised in Long Island, New York and received her Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Technology from Mercy College. She eventually relocated to Florida and is now a licensed Veterinary Technologist in both states. From a young age, Ashley knew that she wanted to spend her life helping animals. She adores all species, [...]

Emmanuel Goyco

Emmanuel’s passion for working with animals all started after he took a position working as a grooming assistant at his local pet shop. Hungry for even more interaction with animals, he began to spend his time volunteering at an animal shelter and later on became a veterinary assistant. Emmanuel is a certified dog trainer, helping [...]


Gabriel was born in Las Pierdras, Puerto Rico and moved to Orlando at 7 years old. He is currently a pre-veterinarian student with a bachelors in Biology. From a young age he has always wanted to work and care for animals. He began working in the veterinary field in 2018 and has loved it since. [...]


Kiana was born and raised in Florida where she had a love for animals starting at a young age. Growing up she aspired to work in the veterinary industry, so just after graduating from Harmony High School, she studied and attained her certification as a Veterinary Assistant. Since then, she dives right in and pursues [...]


Rosie has been an animal lover since day 1. Helping her mom, who was a veterinarian in Cuba, take care of our neighbor's pets by administering injections, vaccines, and caring for sick pets. She's had many types of pets growing up even though she was always in the city; chickens, ducks, tortoises, hamsters, fish, dogs, [...]

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