When your pet has reached their senior years, their care requirements will begin to change. Because your senior pet’s physical changes may be subtle, it is so important that they come in on a regular basis for physical health checks. By the time a pet owner has noticed a change in a pet’s behavior, a significant health problem may have already developed! For this reason, we recommend that senior pets, or pets over the approximate age of 7 years, be brought in for checkups at least twice a year. This helps our team stay ahead of the game when it comes to diagnosing your pet’s health concerns.

What Happens During A Senior Wellness Check?

When your pet comes in for a senior wellness examination, we will perform a nose-to-tail physical just like we would do with a younger pet. We will still talk with you about preventive care and vaccinations as these aspects of pet care never lose their importance. However, when your pet is a senior, they will have additional needs as well. We will often recommend advanced diagnostics, such as blood work or urinalysis tests, to help us ensure that your pet’s organs are functioning as they should be. Because our pets age faster than we do, biannual visits are the best way for us to stay on top of their ever-changing conditions.

Quality of life becomes another concern for senior pets. We will examine your pet to determine if there are any signs of pain or discomfort, which often come as a result of arthritis, and we will work closely with you to help ensure that your pet is happy, comfortable, and enjoying life. If you have questions about your pet’s needs, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.