Caring for your pet’s health is about more than providing vaccinations and pest preventatives—although these things are certainly important too! The veterinary team at Boggy Creek Animal Hospital makes each pet’s health a priority. When your pet comes in for their vaccinations and preventive treatments, we also use that opportunity to perform complete physical examinations to help identify any health concerns.

Pet Vaccinations

For safety reasons, we do not recommend using low cost vaccine clinics for your pet’s vaccinations. Most importantly, these clinics do not use the high quality vaccinations that we use at Boggy Creek Animal Hospital. In fact, we utilize the Merial vaccines, which are among the highest quality vaccines in the industry!

Another reason to steer clear of the low cost vaccine clinic is that when a low-cost vaccine clinic administers your pet’s treatment, they are not checking your pet’s health status or examining your pet to ensure that they are doing well, they are only administering vaccines. It’s so important for your pet to receive an annual physical exam, especially when they are being treated to prevent disease. We highly recommend a physical exam in conjunction with vaccinations.

Life Stage Care

Different treatments will be recommended for pets of different age groups and health statuses. Please check below for more information about what your pet’s needs are, based on their age.

Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kittens need a lot of care at the beginning of their lives, mainly to ensure that they are starting out on the right paw when it comes to their health! We recommend that all new pets be brought in for a checkup within the first week after they join your household. We will examine them from nose to tail to identify any physical health concerns, perform diagnostic tests to check for intestinal parasites (this is a common problem in puppies and kittens), and administer vaccinations that will be needed for your pet’s particular lifestyle. At this point in your pet’s life, our veterinarians can also help you with choosing a proper diet, offer you resources for training, and more.

Adult Pets

Your pet reaches adulthood after their first year or so of life and this is longest life stage of all. During this period of your pet’s life, vaccinations and preventive care will be an important part of their ongoing health as our goal is to prevent disease and parasites and ensure that your pet stays healthy for years to come! Other concerns during your pet’s adult years will be diet, exercise, and ongoing physical examinations, so that we can catch potential health problems early and begin treatment promptly.

Senior Pets

Your pet’s senior years are the most subjective years of their life, medically speaking. Each senior pet will have different needs, specific to their lifestyle and physical condition. During your pet’s senior years, vaccination and prevention will still be important, but not as emphasized as regular physical exams and advanced diagnostics. It’s important to ensure that senior pets are examined regularly so that they can be treated right away if any health conditions are discovered. Learn more on our senior pet care page.