Vaccination is a critical means of keeping your pet safe and healthy for life. Our pets are exposed to numerous diseases throughout the course of their life and vaccination is the best means of establishing protection. The Boggy Creek Animal Hospital team does not operate on a one-size-fits-all basis when it comes to prevention, but rather we analyze each pet’s lifestyle, with your help, to choose the best vaccine schedule for your pet’s needs.

Boggy Creek Animal Hospital takes great pride is offering Merial vaccines, the highest quality vaccines available in the veterinary industry.

New Puppies and Kittens

When your new puppy or kitten first comes home to live with you, we recommend that they come in for a complete checkup within their first week of life with you, so we can identify any health problems early. We also perform a series of vaccine boosters for new pets, helping them to face the world on the right paw! We do require a specific set of booster shots for puppies in order to help them establish a baseline of protection.

Adult and Senior Pets

When your pet has reached adulthood, their vaccine schedule may be tailored more to their specific lifestyle needs. For example, pets that lead active lifestyles that include hiking in the woods may need a vaccine that protects them from leptospirosis which is passed through standing water and the urine of wild animals.

Our veterinary team will work closely with you to learn more about your pet and their particular needs. If you have questions, please contact Boggy Creek Animal Hospital today!