It has been said that a clean pet is a happy pet. Our pets are like family members—they interact with us on a daily basis—and let’s face it—no one wants to spend a lot of time around a stinky dog or cat! We offer full cat and dog grooming services, as well as simple bathing, to ensure that your pet is in tip-top shape.

Benefits to Pet Grooming at Our Hospital

The veterinary team at Boggy Creek Animal Hospital recommends pet grooming for a variety of reasons, but the most important are the ongoing health benefits of routine grooming. Pets who are groomed on a regular basis often have a healthier coat, skin, paws, nails, ears, and more because of continued attention to their needs.

Additionally, a grooming visit offers an opportunity for our groomers to identify issues such as skin rashes or sores, ingrown nails, ear infections, and more. When issues are identified, these can be brought to your attention and your veterinarian’s attention promptly, allowing treatment to be administered right away. Because our grooming services and veterinary services are offered in the same building, our veterinarians and groomers can work together to ensure that your pet’s needs are met.

Grooming Services We Provide

The variety of grooming services we provide include:

  • Bathing
  • Blow outs
  • Full-body clips on all breeds
  • Medicated bathing
  • Trims

We can provide estimated grooming prices, based on the breed, hair type, and size of your pet. Please contact us with questions!