Diagnostics are such an important aspect of veterinary medicine. At Boggy Creek Animal Hospital, we use diagnostic testing to help determine if your pet has a hidden health condition that needs attention. Some of the veterinary diagnostic tools we use include our in-house laboratory, x-ray, and digital dental x-rays.

In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to process the results of diagnostic tests—such as blood work, heart worm tests, parasite tests, and more—quickly and efficiently, right at the practice.

Veterinary Radiology

X-rays allow us to see inside of your pet, to check their bones, organs, and other internal parts. We utilize x-rays to check for growths or tumors, broken bones, foreign bodies, and more, enabling us to provide them with exceptional care for their needs.

Dental X-Rays

The Boggy Creek Animal Hospital team is proud to utilize digital dental radiology, similar to the x-rays that your dentist takes of you! We use dental x-rays to identify problems with your pet’s teeth, from cracked teeth to excessive buildup. Because we use digital x-rays, your pet is safer than ever. Digital radiology exposes them to less radiation, and because the images are taken with greater precision, the need for retakes is minimized.